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Positional Astronomy Centre, Kolkata
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1 APRIL to 30 JUNE, 2019 AD

(11 Chaitra, 1941 to 9 Ashadha, 1941 Saka Era)


Christian Festivals


14April, 24 Chaitra, 1941 Saka Era, Sunday::             Palm Sunday.

19April, 29 Chaitra, 1941 Saka Era, Friday::               Good Friday.

20April, 30 Chaitra, 1941 Saka Era, Saturday::           Easter(Holy) Saturday.

21April, 1 Vaisakha, 1941 Saka Era, Sunday::            Easter Sunday.

28April, 8 Vaisakha, 1941 Saka Era, Sunday::            Low Sunday.

26May, 5 Jyaishtha, 1941 Saka Era, Sunday::           Rogation Sunday.

9June, 19 Jyaishtha, 1941 Saka Era, Sunday::          Whit Sunday - Pentecost.

16June, 26 Jyaishtha, 1941 Saka Era, Sunday::        Trinity Sunday.

20June, 30 Jyaishtha, 1941 Saka Era, Thursday::      Corpus Christi (Thursday).